Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google blocking negative search recommendations on islam

Via The Next Web

Google has blocked all search recommendations on islam but has left negative search recommendations for other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc...
Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

A disturbing trend is emerging. Google refuses to take down islamic terrorist propaganda off YouTube Jihaditube. Now Google has blocked negative search recommendations for islam. Will Google delete website critical of islam from its indexes?


Martin Weiss said...

this is a problem but not a big problem

if you add another word (for example, 'islam is false' or 'islam is bad') and hit the return key you get plenty of sites

Anonymous said...

Please email google regarding this. Any google employee or corporate email u find please email them.

press@google.com is one.

Anonymous said...

When searching you should only use keyword anyway, adding THE or A or IS to a search only with confuse your results.

PRoper seraching syntax for ISLAM IS EVIL woulb be to use the following options:
ISLAM EVIL :Find these words on a page or site.
"ISLAM IS EVIL" :Would Find this phrase.

Islam is evil :would return the same as Islam Evil since serach engines strip words like IS THE and A

Anonymous said...

Surely it should read;

...and google are evil"

Casper said...

This is a very good example how freedom of information can be restricted on the internet.

Ten years ago, internet gurus said that now we would get the perfect globalisation, perfect democracy and exchange of views and knowledge for all.

Personally I was more skeptical. Just take a simple fact as the different writing systems of the world - we could end up with a separate Latin, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese internets. With the introduction of non-Latin top level domains, which westerners are not able to write, this seems indeed to be happening.

It is evident that the internet does not ensure freedom in itself. It all comes down to how much search engines, hosts and governments allow. Yes, exchange of information got easier, but control of information also got easier.

I'm afraid the trend will continue. Both big web players such as google, governments and international bodies such as the EU will put forward limiting rules . They'll take our freedom slice by slice. Hardware and software manufacturers may even be compelled to join in and put spying devices or information blockers in their products.

What would be needed is an international agreement to outlaw inhibition of freedom of information. However, this is not likely to happen. Generally, politicians over 35 underestimate the importance of free information exchange.

Historyscoper said...

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SlantRight 2.0 said...

The athiests noticed this as well. It is interesting that the athiests are perplexed about an obvious move to placate Islamic Supremacy.

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