Monday, January 30, 2012

Jury finds Afghan family guilty in 'honor' killings

Not quite calling it an Honor Killing but close, guilty convictions either way!

Islam, the religion of Pieces of Shit!

A jury on Sunday found an Afghan father, his wife and their son guilty of killing three teenage sisters and a co-wife in what the judge described as "cold-blooded, shameful murders" resulting from a "twisted concept of honor" in a case that shocked and riveted Canadians.
Prosecutors said the defendants allegedly killed the three teenage sisters because they dishonored the family by defying its disciplinarian rules on dress, dating, socializing and using the Internet.
The jury took 15 hours to find Mohammad Shafia, 58; his wife Tooba Yahya, 42; and their son Hamed, 21, each guilty of four counts of first-degree murder. First-degree murder carries an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.


Occupy Oakland arrests reach 400; City Hall vandalized

I mean really, What is the point?

The whole occupy movement is so over it is ridiculous, and yet a small herd of retards are still acting like little sixties leftovers and rioting and vandalizing everything they see/occupy.

Occupy protesters = big Jackass losers.

Chicago Tribune

Officials surveyed damage Sunday from a volatile Occupy protest that resulted in hundreds of arrests the day before and left the historic City Hall vandalized after demonstrators broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag.

Police placed the number of arrests at about 400 from Saturday's daylong protest — the most contentious since authorities dismantled the Occupy Oakland encampment late last year.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

U.N. nuclear team arrives in Iran

Big deal, the U.N. gets pushed around by Muslim Countries all the time.
nothing will come of this, it is a big waste of money and breath.

The U.N. fears the little ankle biter of Iran.

(CNN) -- International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors arrived in Iran early Sunday for a three-day visit to examine the nation's controversial nuclear program, state media reported.
The six-member delegation, including chief inspector Herman Nackaerts, arrived at Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport, Press TV reported.
"We are trying... to resolve all the outstanding issues with Iran," Nackaerts told reporters earlier, as he was about to leave Vienna, Austria, according to Press TV. "We are looking forward to the start of a dialogue, a dialogue that is overdue."
A day earlier, Iran's envoy to the energy agency said he was hopeful the trip will "resolve any ambiguity and show (our) transparency and cooperation with the agency."


Dozens arrested at Occupy Oakland

The protesters were walking through Laney College around 2:30 p.m. Some people were wearing bandanas over their mouths and others were holding signs saying, "We are the 99%." A marching band dressed in pink and black tutus and neon pick tights also was in the crowd.

Yep wearing pink tutus will get you your way! this is who we want to lead us into the future!

If the Occupy movement has not gotten the Memo, that the movement is flat out over, then I guess they should be beaten.

Dozens of people were arrested in downtown Oakland skirmishes on Saturday, as an estimated 2,000 Occupy protesters tried to take over the grounds a vacant convention center, then broke into City Hall.
Police used tear gas and "flash" grenades in the afternoon against protesters who tried to tear down fences around the vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Center, where they hoped to establish a new camp. Police said some demonstrators started throwing objects at officers. There were at least 19 arrests in the afternoon.
After 6 p.m. (9 p.m. ET), police in riot gear declared a group of protesters gathered near the YMCA under mass arrest for failing to disperse, according to local media reports and livestreams. Police said about 100 demonstrators were arrested.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rep. Barney Frank to marry partner in same-sex ceremony

No wonder he was stepping down.


More Peace And Tolerance from Islam.

Attacks by Suspected Insurgents Kill 17 in Iraq

Yeah that country we really tried to help, you know the one that was saying that if the Americans would just leave all the fighting would stop!

Yeah right.

ABC News
Insurgents stepped up attacks around Iraq on Thursday, killing 17 people around the country, including 10 in a bombing attack on a house of two policemen and their families in central Iraq, police and hospital officials said.

At least 190 people have been killed in a wave of attacks by since the beginning of the year, raising concerns that the surge in violence and an escalating political crisis might deteriorate into a civil war, just weeks after the U.S. military withdrawal. Most of the dead in the wave of attacks have been Shiite pilgrims and members of the Iraqi security forces.

Two bombs planted at an entrance to a popular cafe in predominantly Sunni district of Sadiyah in southwestern Baghdad, killing three people and wounding 17 others, police officials said. A police officer was shot dead in the same neighborhood.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arab League turns to U.N. as Gulf observers quit Syria

This is funny stuff here.

Syria is killing its people at will, the monitors (not peace keepers) are quitting there observations because Syria will not heed the warnings.

They can not get an Arab solution that they are requesting, so now the U.N.

This all means that Muslim dictators are allowed to indiscriminately kill whoever they want and nobody can control them. And now they are ensuring the continuation of the killings by taking it to the U.N.. (Useless Nitwits)

And really, Nobody else in the world seems to care.

(Reuters) - Gulf Arab states withdrew their observers from Syria on Tuesday after it rejected an Arab League plan for President Bashar al-Assad to surrender power, prompting the group's chief to call for U.N. help in ending Syria's bloody upheaval.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem accused the League of plotting to engineer foreign intervention. Thousands of civilians and members of security forces have been killed in the 10-month-old uprising against Assad.

Despite Syria's anger, Moualem agreed to extend by a month the mission of the remaining Arab League observers who are monitoring implementation of a plan to end the bloodshed. But he scornfully rejected the League's latest proposal.

"Definitely the solution in Syria is not the solution suggested by the Arab League, which we have rejected. They have abandoned their role as the Arab League and we no longer want Arab solutions to the crisis," Moualem said.

"Heading to the Security Council will be the third stage in their plan, and the only thing left is the last step of internationalization," he told a news conference in Damascus.

"They can head to New York or to the moon. So long as we are not paying for their tickets it is none of our concern."


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Egypt's Islamists Win 75 Percent of Parliament

75%, that is the majority, that is the end of Egypt as a tourist destination (for those of us who have some common sense)

Obama Should be very pleased over this!

ABC news
Final results on Saturday showed that Islamist parties won nearly three-quarters of the seats in parliament in Egypt's first elections since the ouster of authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak, according to election officials and political groups.

The Islamist domination of Egypt's parliament has worried liberals and even some conservatives about the religious tone of the new legislature, which will be tasked with forming a committee to write a new constitution. It remains unclear whether the constitution will be written while the generals who took power after Mubarak's fall are still in charge, or rather after presidential elections this summer.

In the vote for the lower house of parliament, a coalition led by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood won 47 percent, or 235 seats in the 498-seat parliament. The ultraconservative Al-Nour Party was second with 25 percent, or 125 seats.


Link Dump!

Hong Kong Freezes Megaupload Assets ( Scary now that the U.S. is trying to enforce our laws in Other Countries)(Leave it to the Obamasiah and his minions)

Nigeria violence: Many dead after Kano blasts (yep, more upity muslims killing innocent people)(Is it me or does it seem like the Muslim world would like to commit Genocide against all the people of the world unlike them?)

Taliban say Afghan soldier who killed French troops was a recruit. ( more reason to kill every Taliban member in the world instead of suck them off and talk peace with them, Get a clue Obama)

As Obama delays controversial Keystone oil pipeline, vast network of pipelines already in place ( One more reason that Pres. Obama Is a two faced lying s.o.s that is not good for the country)


What is Going On?

No I have not been protesting the SOPA And PIPA But I am glad that the Morons trying to destroy the Internet have pulled their heads out of each others ass's and scrapped their plans for now (I'm sure they will Be back).

Everything is a bit upside down, I now work third shift, Full Time, and am a full time student, full time husband and a full time Father( or asshole depending on which kid you ask) free time is pretty much non existent.

Work is necessary, I am glad to have a job, school also necessary, I hate my job and would like a better one. the family life well that is always a struggle.

I am getting down to the last few classes in my degree(Networking) they are pretty involved and hardcore, if any of you have ever been into networking you may well understand, I have Had it up to my eyeballs with subnetting and TCP/IP, not to mention network design and analysis.

Either way, it is what it is, I have no free time.

So i will be blogging on a more limited basis, more link dumps than anything, but I will still post a few things here and there.

That is about it, that is what is going on.