Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Afghani Paper Says US Should Target Taliban in Pakistan

This is what we've been saying here all along! Besides any territory that is controlled by the taliban should not be considered Pakistan but as Talistan. Reuters

KABUL, May 26 (Reuters) - The United States should target militant bases in Pakistan, an Afghan state-controlled paper said on Monday, reacting to a threat by a Pakistani Taliban leader to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan, while both U.S. allies, have had strained relations, with Kabul accusing Islamabad of harbouring Taliban and al Qaeda militants and allowing them to direct and carry out attacks from Pakistani soil.

The Hewad newspaper called on Pakistan's government to review its stance on negotiations with the militants and not allow such deals to threaten Afghanistan.
"Similarly, the United States of America which heads now the international campaign against terrorism, needs to focus all its attention on the terrorists' genuine nests," the state-run daily said in an editorial, referring to militant bases in Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghan border.

Faced with a wave of suicide attacks over the past year, Pakistan has begun negotiations with Taliban militants who control much of the mountainous region on its side of the border with Afghanistan and many Pakistani troops have left the area.

Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has said he would carry on fighting Afghan and foreign forces in Afghanistan whatever the outcome of the peace talks.

Mehsud's comments were clear testimony to the fact that certain circles in Pakistan did not wish to see a secure and stable Afghanistan, the Hewad said, without elaborating further.


NATO, which leads a 50,000-strong force in Afghanistan, said on Sunday the Pakistan peace talks had already led to an increase in insurgent attacks within Afghanistan.

The newspaper said the tribal areas on the Pakistani side of the border were used as training and supply bases for the militants.
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Theway2k said...

America needs to line up the anti-Taliban and anti-al-Qaeda clans in both Afghanistan and Pakistan (greed is usually a factor with these guys) and blow the gee wiz out of the enemy.

Give a warning to their village supporters to choose life or death then BOOM.

kyros said...

I heard that the Sunni tribes were paid off to switch sides. The fact that al Qaida was killing people left and right probably helped too.