Monday, July 7, 2008

Human Rights Watch ,Report On China!

As has been said in the past China is trying to look good to cover up their B.S,
A new 71 page report from H R W , tells a lot about what they are doing ,
The China news

In the report, it has documented how several foreign journalists have suffered beatings or detention in the past 10 months, while others have been threatened with the loss of their Olympic accreditation because the government disliked their reports.

One reporter was kicked and punched by suspected plainclothes security agents who detained him for two hours when he visited an illegal jail in Beijing where petitioners were detained.

At least 10 foreign correspondents - and some of their family members - were subjected to anonymous death threats from Chinese individuals in phone calls, e-mailsand text messages in March and April during the Tibetan unrest.

But despite many complaints from the Foreign Correspondents Club of China, government officials have refused to investigate the death threats, the report says.
well , what are you supposed to do when they beat you down?

Another tactic is the detention or intimidation of Chinese sources who speak to foreign journalists. One Chinese person who spoke to a foreign television crew in March was beaten by police so severely that he needed hospital treatment, the report says.

The attacks on Chinese sources have increased during the past year, the report said.

Heres the report

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