Friday, March 27, 2009

US says warships deployed before NKorea launch

Looks like the US Navy is preparing to shoot down North Korea's satellite ballistic missile. Japan already has two Aegis-equipped destroyers on stand-by and it appears South Korea will also deploy an Aegis-equipped destroyer. Thanks to Dinah Lord.

Any bets on who will shoot North Korea's missile down?

Here's what to expect next week...

From AP
TOKYO (AFP) — The US Navy said Thursday it had deployed two warships in waters off Japan ahead of North Korea's planned rocket launch early next month.

Two destroyers fitted with Aegis technology to track and destroy missiles left port on Wednesday, US Navy public relations officer Charles Howard told AFP.

"I would say we are ready for any contingencies," he said.[...]

The US Navy spokesman said two Aegis-equipped destroyers -- the USS McCain and USS Chafee -- left Sasebo port in southwestern Japan where a third, the USS Curtis Wilbur, remained docked.

The USS Stethem, another Aegis-equipped destroyer, was set to leave northern Aomori port Thursday after a port call of several days, a US Navy spokeswoman said, without specifying its destination.

The Japanese navy's two Aegis-equipped destroyers Kongo and Chokai are on stand-by at Sasebo, a defence ministry spokeswoman said.

A South Korean Aegis-equipped warship is also likely to be deployed in waters near Japan, public broadcaster TBS reported, without citing sources.

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