Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bombs kill 38 at centre for displaced in Pakistan

Radical Islamists really know how to make people support their Cause !
Don't question their reasoning , They Kill whoever they need to , to try and get their way .

Muslims Killing Muslims , The Taliban and associates Favorite Tactic !

Especially when they can Kill people that they already drove from their homes in the first place !

(Reuters) - Two suicide bombings at a center for people displaced by a Pakistani military offensive against militants killed at least 38 people and wounded 65 on Saturday, an official said.

The first of two male attackers, disguised as a woman in an all-enveloping burqa dress, was followed seconds later by a teenager who blew himself up, said local commissioner Khalid Khan Omarzai.

"It was huge and caused most of the deaths," he said of the second explosion.

They struck as about 300 people displaced by fighting were registering at an office in the village of Kacha Pakha in the northwest of the country, hoping to get food items, officials said.

Pakistan's military has carried out a series of crackdowns against homegrown al Qaeda-backed Taliban fighters seeking to topple the government, destroying some of their bases.

But the measures have failed to weaken the resolve of the Taliban, whose violent suicide bombings have raised questions over the stability of U.S. ally Pakistan.

"The blasts were so powerful that the limbs of people scattered throughout the area. People are searching limbs of their dear ones in nearby crop fields," said resident Mohammad Qasim. Shoes and bloodstained clothes lay strewn on the ground.

A group affiliated with Pakistan's Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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