Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Burma May Be a Budding Rogue Nuclear State

Other evidence includes North Korean involvement in the construction of a vast tunnel complex, the presence of two Pakistani nuclear scientists affiliated with the AQ Kahn underground nuclear network, the regime’s public effort to buy a research nuclear reactor from Russia, the increasing involvement of Iran in Burma's economic affairs and revelations by defectors about nuclear training for a cadre of Burmese soldiers.

It does not appear to be a nice Nuclear situation in Burma (Myanmar),
Especially when every rouge nuclear wannabe in the world is helping them out , And two Pakistani Nuclear Scientists Involved with the AQ Kahn Nitwits.

For the past year, intelligence agencies in the U.S. and Asia have been watching as equipment and machines capable of being used to build nuclear weapons have been flowing into Burma, raising the specter that the isolated and secretive Southeast Asian nation may become the world’s second rogue nuclear power.

Because of the nature of Burma's paranoid and repressive ruling military junta, there is tremendous fear that, if it acquires a nuclear capability, it will set off an arms race that could change the political dynamics of Southeast Asia.

But experts caution that Burma, also called Myanmar, is so closed to the outside world that it is hard to be sure exactly what it is up to – and that makes the situation even worse.

Dissident groups that monitor the insular state say the junta has wide-ranging ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons within the next few years, because the generals who rule the country are mistakenly fearful of an American intervention. With vast wealth from natural resources, dissident groups say, the regime has reopened ties with North Korea
And with Pyongyang's help, they say, Burma is setting up a “vertically integrated” nuclear complex that includes “mines, mill, enrichment facility, and reactor” in the mountainous, sparsely populated northern part of the country.

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