Monday, April 26, 2010

Federales vow to fight back after deadly attack

The agents were gunned down when they stopped to assist a vendor who had flagged them down about noon Friday. When they stopped, a group of gunmen arrived and opened fire with AK-47s, high-powered rifles and handguns. The agents tried to repel the attackers, but fell victim in the shootout.

Officials said more than 300 shots were fired.

From last weekend .
As the drug wars continue to escalate they may also be taking a nasty turn for the worse .
on Friday 6 Federal agents were ambushed and killed in a Daylight attack that was witnessed by several people , also a policewoman and another bystander were killed

The ambush Friday in Juárez in which eight people were killed -- including six federal agents and a police officer -- may signal a new wave of intimidation against authorities, officials and experts said Saturday.

The attack, carried out in broad daylight by a group of hit men, solidified the resolve of Mexican federal police to fight back even though it was one of the deadliest attacks on authorities in the city since President Felipe Calderón launched the war on drug cartels.

Juárez officials said that the ambush will not deter them and that they will not be intimidated by the calculated and ruthless attack.

"They want to intimidate us. But now we are going to double our efforts to fight them," said José Salinas, spokesman for the federal police in Mexico City.

As a result of the ambush, he said, a new strategy will be used to "avoid similar ambushes."

"We will fight them," he said

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