Thursday, April 29, 2010

French police arrest 3 year old terrorist suspect

The three year old North African 'terrorist suspect' happened to be with his dad when French police arrested him. Both the toddler and father were formally place under investigation but the three year old was released a couple of hours later to his mother.

There will be a lawsuit against the French police faster than you can say 'allah akbar'.
Daily Mail

A three-year-old was arrested as a suspected terrorist and held at a French police station for more than two hours, it emerged today.

The child – identified only as Daniel – is the son of an illegal immigrant from the Paris suburb of Juvisy.[...]

Police officer claimed they were carrying out routine vehicle checks before arrested both father and son.[...]

The father, who is from a North African background, was questioned about links to radical groups possibly linked to Islamic terrorism. Both he and Daniel were formally placed under investigation.

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