Friday, April 30, 2010

Hugo Chavez wants Fidel and Morales to follow him on Twitter

Hugo Chavez has called out Fidel and Morales to join Twitter so they can follow each other online. Hugo Chavez joined Twitter in order to counter his opponents online, which Chavez complained that they dominate the online socialsphere.

Hugo Chavez's twitter account, chavezcandanga, opened on April 27th and his first twit was

Epa que tal? AparecĂ­ como lo dije: a la medianoche. Pa Brasil me voy. Y muy contento a trabajar por Venezuela. Venceremos!!
or according to Yahoo! BAbel Fish is
Epa how is everything? I appeared I said as it: to the midnight. Pa Brazil I go away. And very contented to work by Venezuela. We will win!

It appears Fidel faithfully listened to Chavez and opened his Twitter account

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