Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Administration Faces Criticism for Mirandizing Times Square Suspect

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday that Shahzad's citizenship should settle the issue.

"This is a U.S. citizen arrested on U.S. soil. He is suspected of committing a crime," Hoyer said. "I think it's pretty-well settled law."

In other words , HML Steny Hoyer , Would think it O.K. if say some Lone wolf style radical Islamists hell bent on their Jihad , were to come to the U.S. , work for their Citizenship , get it , And then commit their fully premeditated crime And then just be considered a U.S. Citizen Who has Committed a crime ! Not an Al Qaida operative or a Taliban Reject ,

Sorry Dumbass but a Terrorist is a Terrorist no matter what you say !

The Obama administration is once again facing criticism for deciding to Mirandize a terror suspect within hours after his arrest, with some officials saying investigators questioning the Times Square bombing suspect didn't need to read him his rights until they got more information.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and other Republicans say Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen, should have been treated as an enemy combatant out of the gate. Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn, said as far as he's concerned, Shahzad lost his entitlement to Miranda Rights when he was arrested on terrorism charges....

Going forward, Lieberman said he wants to introduce legislation that would strip U.S. citizenship -- and its inherent rights -- from anyone found to be fighting with a foreign terror group.

While lawmakers can do nothing about Shahzad now that he has been read his rights, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Wednesday suggested that if Shahzad is being tried as a U.S. citizen in a civilian court, federal prosecutors should consider charging him with treason -- a crime that carries the death penalty.

"When it comes to an American citizen, they have a responsibility under the Constitution not to betray their country," Graham said. "There's a place for federal court and the charge of treason should always be on the table. No one got killed in this instance, thank God, but if it is proven that this man committed an act of treason against his fellow citizens, I want to keep that charge available to our government."

As a U.S. citizen, Shahzad could still face a military commission if he is found to be linked to Al Qaeda.


Anonymous said...

I think your wrong on this one. A citizen is a citizen. He wasn't on a foreign battlefield. Treason or sedition is the better charge.


kyros said...

He should be charged with treason and given the death penalty. But what are the chances he'll be charged with treason?

So far in the WoT, only one person has been charged with Treason, Adam Gadhan.

#1 infidel said...

Anon , What I'm saying is, that Kind of attitude will lead to others of the religion of piece or some other Radical jackass's from some other country , coming to America , Getting their citizenship and performing their deeds of Jihad !
All the while KNOWING that they will be protected as an American citizen !
It is called STEALTH JIHAD !

Calling a "Terrorist attack" Just a criminal act because this guy had his Citizenship , when he was caught trying to flee the Country ! is just plain Stupid and Dangerous !

There MUST be an Exception to the Rule !

What are you Afraid of ?
The rights of a Stealth Terrorist , A person who Knowingly tried to kill Americans right here in America , Being infringed upon ?

If you are not doing anything wrong , what is there to worry about ?

Anonymous said...


"If you are not doing anything wrong , what is there to worry about ?"

Please stop! Who get's to say what is wrong. You? Me? Someone that hates both of us? Why are people so easily persuaded to surrender their individual liberty?


#1 infidel said...

So it is O.K To attempt to Carry out a Car bombing ?

In this case , The FBI New who the guy was , And apprehended him before he got away !


His Phone calls were picked up by the Military !

In this case My point is legit ! you can not deny the Facts !

The "Feds" are not looking for me or you , Like I said if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear , If you are doing something wrong , Then it would be better to know .

As with the Hutaree's

Things like this find their way to the Surface , and when it saves a life it is worth it !
If you were to know of a plot to hurt or kill someone would you not want their rights slightly Infringed to stop them ?
And again it is just a matter of prosecution Technique !

Anonymous said...


I still don't see why this can't be handled as a criminal matter. Mirinda has a specific call out for public good. I also have a real problem with the Administration targeting American Citizens overseas. I understand why it is done. It is just the possibility of abuse grows out of proportion to the problem trying to be solved.


#1 infidel said...

Anon ,
When an American Is Captured / Arrested overseas , What is it that they are usually Captured for ?
Terrorism !
I fully understand the threat of having your freedom and personal liberties infringed upon , And if done so without cause there are paths in place that you can take to rectify the situation !
It happens all the time !

Yes it is B.S But ...

But to what extent are you willing to go in order that you have those rights ?

All the way to a Fully successful Terrorist attack ?

A Terrorist deserves no rights once caught , it is a new day and age ! , we can't just treat them as a common criminal , even if they are an American !

In such cases As with this Asshole , or the past few , like the Christmas Bomber , It has been pretty obvious that they were Guilty !
And that is all I'M saying !
They do not deserve Any better than what they were trying to do !

It Is a Very thin line , But a Terrorist is still a Terrorist , They were trying to kill Innocent People ! They are not common Criminals !