Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ajmal Kasab gets what he gave: Death

Yep ! He gets what he deserves !

The Times of India
MUMBAI: "You have been sentenced to death on four counts. You will be hanged by the neck till you are dead. Yeh hamara tareeka hai (This is our way)," judge M L Tahaliyani told Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab, bringing him to justice 17 months after he and his nine accomplices held Mumbai to a 60-hour siege and killed 166 innocent men, women and children.

The mood in the courtroom was sombre. Kasab did not react. He kept his head down and was immediately whisked away after the pronouncement of the sentence. Throughout the afternoon, the baby-faced killer sat absolutely still in the box while the judge gave detailed reasons why it was necessary to give him the harshest possible penalty under the Indian law. "This man has lost the right to get any humanitarian relief," Tahaliyani observed.

The court held that in view of the depravity of Kasab's crimes, any chance of his reform or rehabilitation was "totally ruled out". Describing the 22-year-old Lashkar-trained terrorist as "a menace to society", Tahaliyani specifically alluded to the 1999 Kandahar case in 1999, when an Indian plane was hijacked to free dangerous terrorists who were imprisoned at the time. "Keeping him alive would be a constant danger to government and the state," he said.

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