Friday, July 30, 2010

Dutch close in on government with anti-Islam party backing

Geert "The Man" Wilders , is ready to stir things up in the Dutch Parliament , Once the Coalition of Minority Parties takes over !

(Reuters) - Pushing an austerity agenda, two right-leaning Dutch parties agreed Friday to have talks to form a minority government with support from an anti-Islam party five months after the last government collapsed.

The minority government -- a rarity in Dutch politics -- would include the Liberal Party (VVD), which narrowly won June 9 elections after a broader government collapsed over the Afghan military mission, and the Christian Democrats (CDA).

The Freedom Party (PVV), which wants to stop Muslim immigration and ban the Koran in the Netherlands, has agreed to back the minority government in the Dutch parliament, leader Geert Wilders said on Dutch NOS Radio 1.

The Christian Democrats had resisted forming a majority government with the PVV because of its hardline stance on Islam.

But Christian Democratic leader Maxime Verhagen said he was convinced the CDA and VVD could reach a pact that would do justice to CDA principles of freedom of religion and education.

"At the same time it is possible to come to a stable political cooperation which can have PVV's support," he told Dutch radio.

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