Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is the NSA's 'Perfect Citizen' the Ultimate Spying Tool?

This is when things get spooky , Government Intrusion of Privacy .

Perfect Citizen is needed , but access to everyday citizens PC's (Or internet activity) is just not Acceptable , and that is what this leads to .

No doubt something must be done , But instead of just stopping Bad Security Practices like letting workers at Nuke plants Browse the Internet , The Gov. feels it is necessary to just have access to everything !

My Problem is that Obama has already let it be Known that he would like Presidential powers to Block the internet and take control in a time of Crisis .

Could the NSA's new "Perfect Citizen" actually be used for spying on every citizen in the U.S.?

The name sounds like an action movie -- the heroic vigilante chases down the bad guys to aid his country and prevent a nuclear armageddon. It also sounds like the worst possible name for a government program intended to protect citizens, not spy on them.

The NSA's new cyber-security program Perfect Citizen will monitor nuclear power plants, train stations, and the electric power grid to safeguard against cyber-assaults.

And as the Wall Street Journal reported, the new program is intended to monitor cyber-terrorist threats and "would rely on a set of sensors deployed in computer networks for critical infrastructure that would be triggered by unusual activity suggesting an impending cyber attack."

According to that report, Raytheon was awarded a $100M contract to develop Perfect Citizen. (Raytheon declined to comment to, as did the NSA other than describing Perfect Citizen in an official statement as a "research and risk-assessment" project that does not use sensors.)

How would such a system work? Why do experts fear it could be turned against us? And should the government really be in the business of installing sensors on the private power grid and at nuclear plants owned by private companies?

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