Monday, July 12, 2010

Mexican baseball league game suspended amid shootings

Maybe a new style of Baseball getting underway in Mexico , instead of a Homerun , you have the run for your life , A double will now be a Double tap , a single will still get you on base but you have your ass beaten when you do !

The Mexican baseball league has been forced to suspend a game in progress because of gunfire at a stadium.

The game between the Broncos at their home stadium in Reynosa and the Monterrey Sultans was suddenly interrupted when gunshots were heard.

Witnesses said the baseball players ran for cover and dived into their dugouts.

Panic spread through the crowd of spectators after a group of unknown gunmen exchanged fire on Sunday.

Baseball officials then took the decision to stop the game.

There are no reports of casualties.

A spokesman for the league, Gabriel Medina, said: "We had to re-schedule for security reasons.

"This is an unprecedented incident," he added.

The game will resume on Friday in the city of Monterrey.

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