Friday, July 23, 2010

North Korea vows 'physical response' to US exercise

A little Intimidation from the United States ?

Certainly , we Do it pretty good .

But north Korea has it's panties in a Bunch over The whole thing , They don't seem to realize that they sank a South Korean Ship and killed 46 Men in the Process .

The U.S. Will definitely not back down .

"It is a new century and Asian countries are in need of peace and development, and DPRK [North Korea] is also moving to that end," said Ri Tong-il.

He said the exercises went beyond defensive training and would involve "sophisticated weapon equipment".

"It is a threat to the Korean peninsula and the region of Asia as a whole. And the DPRK's position is clear: there will be physical response to the threat imposed by the United States militarily."

Washington and Seoul say the war games - involving the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, 20 other ships and submarines, 100 aircraft and 8,000 personnel - are intended to deter North Korean aggression.

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