Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sophisticated Network Helps AWOL Afghans Make Trip to Canada

looking at all that is going on in the United States today , it's really depressing .

Immigration is out of control , Afghan Military are coming here taking money and then disappearing to Canada , no jobs , Obama is Clueless , no end in sight ...

Where is that Handbasket at anyway ?

For the Afghan soldiers who have gone AWOL from an Air Force base in Texas, there's no place like Canada.

Since 2002, 46 Afghans have deserted their armed forces while in the U.S. for language and military training. Of those 46, roughly half--at least 22--have found their way north of the border.

They made the trip with the help of a network of people, including Afghans who left Lackland Air Force Base before them; a group of naturalized and undocumented Mexican women in Texas; relatives of current and former Afghan military students living in the West; and at least one Iranian taxi driver who runs a human smuggling business at the Canadian border.

The Afghans who have made it to Canada appear to be living comfortably there -- and many have put themselves on Facebook, where they connect with other Afghan dissenters and active U.S. and Afghan military personnel, including members of the Afghan military currently attending the Defense Language Institute at Lackland or receiving training at other military bases in the U.S.

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