Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spain's Catalonia votes to outlaw bullfighting

What a shame , Bullfighting while controversial to some , I find incredibly exciting .
what other sport can you watch and have a chance to see a Human being skewered by a huge ass Bull !

oh the Pain !

I know , the poor bull ! I bet the Carne Asada was tasty !

Washington post
BARCELONA (Reuters) - The Catalan parliament dealt the death blow to bullfighting in the region on Wednesday, outlawing the centuries-old spectacle for the first time in mainland Spain.

The result of 68 in favor, 55 against the ban was expected, since Catalonia's parliament had accepted a citizens' petition to stop bullfighting with activists concerned about animal cruelty battling devotees of the renowned Spanish tradition.

In the debate, some lawmakers cited the declining popularity of bullfighting in Spain, where fewer people go each year to the arena to watch toreros in their distinctive "suits of lights" wield red capes and swords at close range against enraged bulls.

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