Friday, July 9, 2010

Suicide bomb kills 65, wounds over 100 in NW Pakistan

As always the Taliban will not be outdone by the Remnants of Al Qaida in Iraq or Militants as people call all Terrorists now !

In the never ending Quest of proving How Islam is the Religion Of Piece , The Taliban decided it was time to Blow some Muslims up again , what a nice way to show your people you care for them and are looking out for their best interests .

Pakistan (Reuters) - A suicide bomber on a motorbike killed at least 65 people, including women and children, in an attack in a volatile Pashtun region on the Afghan border on Friday, officials said.

The bomber blew himself up as hundreds of people were gathered around the office of a senior government official in Pakistan's northwestern Mohmand region, where security forces have stepped up attacks on Taliban militants in recent weeks.

The attacker apparently targeted tribal elders who had come to the office of Rasool Khan, assistant political agent of Mohmand, for a meeting.

"Now the death toll is 65. Around 112 people have been wounded," Khan told Reuters.

Among the wounded were several people displaced by fighting between security forces and militants, who were collecting relief goods near the blast site. Residents said five children, aged between 5 and 10, and several women were among dead.

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