Monday, July 19, 2010

Taliban call to kill collaborators

Now , Maybe , We can get the people in charge to actively Kill all the Taliban !

If they help the Taliban Kill them !

Al Jazeera
Mullah Omar, the leader of the Afghan Taliban, has reportedly issued a new directive in which he calls on his fighters to capture and kill any Afghan working for foreign forces.

Nato said they stumbled upon the five-point directive after intercepting a letter that the Taliban chief wrote to his field commanders.

The letter calls on commanders to fight foreign troops to the death and capture them whenever possible as well as instructing fighters to obtain more heavy weapons.

The appeal also instructs Taliban field commanders to recruit anyone with access to foreign military bases in order to obtain information on international troops.

One order in the letter specifically calls on fighters to capture and kill Afghan women who are "helping or providing information to coalition forces".

If genuine, the letter marks a turnaround from a directive issued by the Taliban a year ago when Omar urged fighters to avoid harming civilians even if they had been captured.

"We believe this guidance provides important insights into recent events as you may be aware the Taliban are causing an alarmingly high number of civilian causalities, and they have also begun attacking those who have chosen to serve the people of Afghanistan as public servants," Brigadier-General Josef Blotz, a spokesman of the Nato-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said at a news conference in Kabul on Sunday.

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