Friday, July 9, 2010

Taliban Commander Captured as NATO Ramps Up Raids

Always good news when one of the top Taliban Commanders are captured (better if they are just killed ) but the constant whining over the Taliban still being able to pull of Major suicide Bombings is a little Disturbing .

Go ahead and play it off like it is a Sophisticated attack , But really we are talking about usually 1 Person , wearing a Suicide Belt ( Easily hidden ) and walks into a crowd and blows himself up !

It is Not that hard to do !

Even easier is driving A car laden with Explosives into a crowd of people , and it happens a lot !

To give the Taliban Credit for being "Sophisticated" for pulling off a Suicide Bombing is absolutely Ridiculous !

KABUL, Afghanistan -- International and Afghan troops captured a Taliban commander responsible for bringing Pakistani militants across the border to launch attacks, the alliance said Friday as U.S.-led forces ratchet up their pursuit of insurgent leaders.

The coalition is touting a string of successes in capturing or killing dozens of key militant leaders since April, but so far it has not managed to reduce violent insurgent attacks across the country.

On Friday, an explosion ripped into a convoy of NATO and Afghan forces in an eastern province, killing one civilian and wounding nine others. Last month was also the most deadly of the nearly 9-year-old war for international troops, with 103 foreign forces killed.

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