Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three held in Norway 'al-Qaeda bomb plot'

Ms Kristiansen said the arrests had been brought forward because news of the probe was about to appear in the international media.

It's disgusting to hear that the Media everywhere are willing to disrupt an investigation into Al Qaida Operatives , just for a story !

The willingness to expose the systems in place that are there for the Security of the People , to keep them safe from Terrorists , to me is the same as working for the Enemy .

Three people have been arrested in connection with a plot to bomb targets in Norway, police in Oslo have said.

Two of the plotters were arrested in Norway and one in Germany, said the head of the Norwegian security police, Janne Kristiansen.

The men - a Uighur from China, an Iraqi and an Uzbek - are said to have ties to al-Qaeda and to be linked to bomb plots in the US and UK, Ms Kristiansen said.

The three, all Norwegian residents, had been under surveillance for a year.

US prosecutors say the Norwegian case is linked to foiled bomb plots in New York and the English city of Manchester.

"We believe this group has had links to people abroad who can be linked to al-Qaeda, and to people who are involved in investigations in other countries, among others the United States and Britain," Ms Kristiansen said.

She said one of the men was a Norwegian citizen, 39, a Muslim Uighur from China, who had lived in Norway since 1999.

Another was an Iraqi citizen, 37, who was granted Norwegian residency on humanitarian grounds.

The third man was an Uzbek national, 31, who was granted permanent residency in Norway on grounds of family reunification, Ms Kristiansen said.

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