Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yemen arrests al-Qaeda suspects

Al Qaida at one time seemed to be the little darlings of Yemen , they were supposedly building a large network of jihadis ready to pounce at any moment .

Now , they seem to be having a hard time just getting by , once one is arrested , their "Buddies" are right behind them !

Al Jazeera
Yemen has arrested eight suspected al-Qaeda fighters, including a Saudi fugitive, accused of plotting attacks on security installations in Yemen, the defence ministry has said.

Sunday's arrests came days after two suspected members of the same al-Qaeda cell were detained after a raid on a house in Hadramout province that sparked clashes in which three soldiers were killed.

"Two al-Qaeda elements were arrested during a raid on a house where cell members were hiding, and eight others were caught in the following days," the ministry said on its website.

A security official said the group arrested in Hadramout, east of the capital Sanaa, was accused of plotting attacks on security and other vital installations in the eastern province, but did not identify specific targets.

The defence ministry identified the Saudi who was arrested as Abdullah Faraj Mohamed Mahmoud al-Jawbar, who is on a list of 85 Saudis wanted by Riyadh.

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