Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iraqis fear renewed violence as U.S. disengages

"The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq will pave the way for the violence and sectarian fighting to return.

On one hand they want us to leave , on the other hand they are scared to see us go !

And the way the Iraqi's are so un-willing to wipe their own ass's when it comes to taking control of their own Country , the Violence and Sectarian Fighting will indeed return .

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama says Washington will fulfill its pledge to halt combat operations in Iraq by the end of this month, but many Iraqis fear that U.S. disengagement could portend surge in violence.

Violence has plunged since the peak of the conflict in 2006-07, but bombings and other attacks occur still daily and Iraqi officials say the civilian death toll rose last month.

Squabbling politicians have been unable to agree on a coalition government since an inconclusive March 7 parliamentary election, raising tensions and opening the way for insurgents.

"The U.S. withdrawal will pave the way for the militias and armed groups to work freely, and they will activate their operations again," said Samer Ahmed, 32, a Baghdad laborer whose brother was killed by militants at the height of Iraq's sectarian warfare in 2007.

"I believe Iraq's security situation will deteriorate severely. A civil war is coming to devour everything in Iraq."

then I would say it is time for the Iraqi's to pull their collective heads out of the sand , and fight for their country .

If they can't do this then they don't deserve what they have !

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