Tuesday, August 10, 2010

UN: Civilian Casualties Rising Sharply in Afghanistan

One of the New waves of Terrorism , Muslim Killing Muslim !

some people say it is the Taliban gaining strength , I say it is the Taliban Getting extremely desperate , They kill as many civilians as possible to try (Successfully) to keep the Afghan people scared of them .

This tactic makes every thing look very bad no matter where you stand on the issue of the War on Terror , especially for NATO Forces and America .

The United Nations says civilian casualties are on the rise in Afghanistan, with insurgents increasingly responsible for harming Afghans.

In a report issued Tuesday in Kabul, the U.N. said the number of civilians killed or wounded in the conflict rose 31 percent during the first half of this year.

Those figures include nearly 1,300 deaths and 2,000 wounded civilians.

The U.N. says anti-government forces are responsible for 76 percent of the casualties, up from 53 percent last year. The report attributed 12 percent of the casualties to U.S., NATO and other pro-government forces.

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