Thursday, October 28, 2010

Metro calls for vigilance by riders and employees

Be vigilant ! Excellent .

But are we going to go to jail if we are Vigilant ?

That's a good call , We don't know what to do so you guys just watch out for anything suspicious .

The Washingtonpost
The Washington Metro system is an open and vulnerable target for terrorists and must rely largely upon vigilant riders and employees to prevent potential attacks, Metro officials said Wednesday.

In the aftermath of the arrest of terrorist suspect Farooque Ahmed and the revelation of an alleged plot to bomb multiple Metro stations, officials underscored the need for customers to remain alert to any suspicious activity, stressing that a single observation could prove essential.

"Transit is an open environment, and so we don't have a lot of technologies that one can use," said Metro Transit Police Chief Michael A. Taborn. "We depend heavily on employee training, public awareness and emergency preparedness to get the message out."

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