Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nato's 'safe passage' for Taliban

I'm very skeptical over the whole talking with the Taliban nonsense,It's that whole Taqiya B.S. that People like the Taliban believe in that just does not sit well.

I find it hard to believe that the Taliban is ready for peace.

Nato has granted safe passage to Kabul for at least one Taliban commander to hold talks with the Afghan government, according to General David Petraeus.

The commander of international forces in Afghanistan said in London the move aimed to back President Hamid Karzai's efforts to reach out to the insurgents.

Despite the peace feelers, analysts say the bigger picture is of an intensifying insurgency in the country.

Afghanistan is facing its bloodiest year since the US-led invasion of 2001.

During his address to a defence think tank, Gen Petraeus said there were "several ongoing initiatives" to try to get the Taliban to the negotiating table.

"Indeed in certain respects we do facilitate that given that needless to say it would not be the easiest of tasks for a senior Taliban commander to enter Afghanistan and make his way to Kabul if Isaf [Nato's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan] were not willing and aware of it and therefore allows it to take place," Gen Petraeus said.

He told the Royal United Services Institute that several "very senior" Taliban leaders had made contact with the Afghan government and other countries engaged in Afghanistan for preliminary discussions.

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