Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prosecutors Ask to Drop Anti-Islam Charges Against Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders

Mr.Wilders has been found not guilty !

Will there be Muslim Outrage in the Netherlands?
Maybe, but they probably will be Packing their bags while they do it !

The criminal case against Geert Wilders appears to be unraveling.

Wilders, the controversial Dutch lawmaker and filmmaker known for his outspoken stances against Islam, was facing prosecution in his home country for allegedly inciting racial hatred. But prosecutors in the case said Friday they've asked the court to drop the charges.

The prosecutors now say that Wilders was targeting the religion, not Muslim individuals, and he has some leeway as a lawmaker to make statements about social problems, Reuters reported.

Earlier this month, Wilders appealed for freedom of expression and then exercised his right to silence as the trial began, at a time when his popularity and influence in the Netherlands are near all-time highs.

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