Saturday, October 23, 2010

Suicide bombers attack U.N. building in Afghanistan

Take that U.N. ! At least when a Drone is over head You can hear it !
You as well as the rest of the world don't see Islamic Jihadist Suicide Bombers till it is just to late !

(Reuters) - Two Taliban suicide bombers attacked the main U.N. compound in western Afghanistan and several insurgents were inside the building, but there were no immediate reports of casualties, police said Saturday.

Afghan troops and police were surrounding the U.N. building in Herat, a commercial hub and the largest city in the country's west and an area where Taliban and other Islamist insurgents are usually less active.

"We can confirm an attack on the U.N. compound in Herat City. It appears to be a complex attack, but we are not sure at this stage whether the incident has stopped or is still ongoing," said Kieran Dwyer, chief U.N. spokesman in Kabul.

He could not confirm if there were any casualties. Both foreign and local staff work at the compound shared by several U.N. agencies.

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