Thursday, October 21, 2010

U.S.-Led Forces Chase Taliban From Kandahar

"They are running ... I don't know (where)."

Run like Hell you little Bitches!

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A military offensive in southern Afghanistan is chasing the Taliban out of their stronghold in Kandahar province, the Afghan president's half brother said.

"Most of them I believe left before the military operation started," Ahmed Wali Karzai told The Associated Press late Wednesday. "They are running ... I don't know (where)."

NATO and Afghan forces began an operation to wrest control of Kandahar province in July, an attempt to regain the initiative in the nine-year war by taking the battle to the heartland of the insurgency along the Pakistani border.

"Things are changing very well. There's a lot of progress in security ... Some (Taliban) were arrested. Some were killed," said Karzai. "There's no single Taliban base in Kandahar province right now."

That claim could not be immediately verified.

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