Friday, October 22, 2010

US to cut aid to Pakistan military units over human rights abuses

I'm so confused !

The Gaurdian UK
The US government plans to cut military aid to several Pakistani military units as punishment for human rights abuses, including torture and extra-judicial executions, according to senior officials.

But at the same time, the Obama administration is reportedly in the final stages of agreeing a new $2bn (£1.28bn) aid package for Pakistan to pay for equipment needed in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations.

The units to be sanctioned have not been identified, but they are understood to include elements within Twelve Punjab infantry regiment, which is based in north-western Mardan, and units from the frontier corps, the paramilitary force recruited from the Pashtun tribes.

The White House has not officially informed Pakistan of the decision even though senior Pakistani military and civilian leaders are in Washington for meetings with the government.

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