Monday, November 1, 2010

Canada bans air cargo from Yemen

And as it Should Be !

Is it just me or is everybody else wondering when Somebody, ANYBODY , is going to really show some balls in all of this ?

Canada has banned all air cargo originating from Yemen in the wake of last week's discovery of explosive material on flights bound for the United States.

The ban was not instituted based on intelligence specific to Canada, said Transport Minister Chuck Strahl. It is instead an interim measure to keep people safe while the government decides what further steps might be necessary, he said.

Earlier Monday, Germany suspended all passenger flights from Yemen until further notice. It had previously banned all cargo flights from the country after it was determined that one of the packages was routed to London through the UPS hub in Cologne.

Britain has banned all unaccompanied freight packages from Yemen and Somalia, and barred all passengers from transporting toner cartridges larger than 500 grams in their carry-on luggage as of Monday night.

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