Monday, November 15, 2010

Karzai's remarks concern Petraeus


Karzai Wants the U.S. to leave the Taliban Alone ?
Why else would he say this.

I say Predator drone strikes in Afghanistan now.
It's what we need to pick up the pace a little bit and to tell Karzai to STFU, And sit in the corner till it is over.

The Washington Post
Officials said Petraeus expressed "astonishment and disappointment" with Karzai's call, in an interview Saturday with The Washington Post, to "reduce military operations" and end U.S. Special Operations raids in southern Afghanistan that coalition officials said have killed or captured hundreds of Taliban commanders in recent months.

In a meeting Sunday morning with Ashraf Ghani, who leads the Afghan government's planning on transition, Petraeus made what several officials described as "hypothetical" references to an inability to continue U.S. operations in the face of Karzai's remarks.

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