Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pentagon, NASA experts say mystery plume was plane

Yeah and we are all stupid !
Move Along!

LOS ANGELES – The Pentagon and NASA experts have determined that a billowing contrail seen streaking into the skies above Southern California was likely caused by an airliner and not a missile.

The phenomenon recorded Monday evening by a TV news helicopter created a media sensation and a vapor trail of commentary across the Internet about the possibility of a secret missile firing. But the military insisted it knew of no rockets launched in the area.

Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said Wednesday that officials were satisfied it was an airplane contrail distorted by camera
angle, winds and other environmental factors including a setting sun.


kyros said...

yeah....I watched the video and that doesn't look like a plane to me.

If that was a missile and the Pentagon had no idea about it then we are in serious trouble.

#1 infidel said...

No Doubt.

How is it going Kyros.