Friday, November 5, 2010

U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at New Target: United States

So what do you all think?

The U.S. will most definitely be bashed by Iran and Venezuela.
But what about the rest of the Ying Yang's.
Obama may regret trying to spoon with leaders of the Muslim and Communist countries.

When the United Nations Human Rights Council, a conclave of 47 nations that includes such notorious human rights violators as China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia, meets in Geneva on Friday, its attentions will be focused on the human rights failings of a country called the United States.

It will hear, among other things, that the U.S. discriminates against Muslims, that its police are barbaric and that it has been holding political prisoners behind bars for years.

Those allegations, and many more, will come from Americans themselves — especially from a stridently critical network of U.S. organizations whose input dominates the U.N. digest of submissions from “civil society” that are part of the council’s background reading.

Will the occasion be a teachable moment, or an anti-American circus?

That question will be hovering center-stage in Geneva, when, for the first time ever, the U.S. comes under the Human Rights Council’s microscope as part of the its centerpiece activity, the “Universal Periodic Review,” a rotating examination of the human rights failings and strong points of every country in the world, from North Korea to Norway, by the council's members.

For two hours, council members will get to say whatever they wish, good and ill, about the country that has done the most in the past 40 years to establish human rights as a global theme.

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