Thursday, November 4, 2010

U.S. Officials: Military Wants to Boost Aid to Yemen

So what we have is a small country that has been on the verge of being over run by Al Qaida.
The Yemeni Government, kinda sorta tries to keep them in check.
But, it only seems they step it up when they get Money from the U.S..
Last week there was a Terrorist plot that appears to have come out of Yemen.
and Today what is happening?
The U.S. is preparing to deliver 200 million to the Shithole that is Yemen !

Isn't this what has been happening in Pakistan? The Government appeasing the appearance of trying to Stop Terrorism.

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. military wants to significantly increase its equipment and training aid to Yemen in 2011, proposing as much as $250 million to help the struggling country battle Al Qaeda-linked extremists within its borders, according to U.S. officials.

The increase in funding was recommended well before last week's failed mail bombings that U.S. officials believe were linked to the terror group's branch in Yemen, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Military aid to Yemen in 2010 was $155 million, and the 2011 recommendation is expected to be well in excess of $200 million, depending on final negotiations among top administration officials.

Despite the fact that the funding recommendation from senior military leaders was made before the mail bomb plot, the Yemen aid proposal underscores the growing terror threat from Yemen and the need to bolster that country's ability to track and battle militants.

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