Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welders Detained in Deadly China High-Rise Fire

Knowing how China likes to deal with these Incidents, These Welders, When found guilty will be executed.

SHANGHAI -- Police detained unlicensed welders Tuesday on suspicion of accidentally starting a fire that engulfed a high-rise apartment building under renovation in China's business capital, killing at least 53 people, as public anger grew over the government's handling of the disaster.

A preliminary investigation showed that four welders improperly operated their equipment, setting off Monday's fire in Shanghai, the city government and state television reported.

Witnesses and building residents quoted earlier by state media said the blaze began when building materials caught fire. It then spread quickly to scaffolding covering the 28-story building, which houses a number of retired teachers as well as other families.

In addition to the 53 fatalities, the city government said Tuesday that more than 70 other people had been rushed to hospitals. Deputy Mayor Shen Jun said 17 were in critical condition.

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