Saturday, January 22, 2011

Iran talks fail, no new date set

There should be no more talks with Iran, They use them as a Platform to show the world they will not be "Bullied" and that they will do what they want!

When they finally get to where they need to be with their Nuke program, we need to just strike first!

Talks meant to nudge Iran toward heeding U.N. Security Council demands to stop uranium enrichment collapsed Saturday, with Tehran shrugging off calls by six world powers to cease the activity that could be harnessed to make nuclear arms.

Announcing the failure of two days of negotiations, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said no new date for another meeting had been set. She blamed what the six consider unrealistic demands by Iran — an end to U.N. sanctions and agreement that Iran could continue to enrich — for the disappointing results.

Proposals by the six for improved U.N. monitoring of Iran's nuclear activities were rejected by Tehran, as were attempts to kickstart dialogue through reviving a subset of international talks focusing on Iran shipping out a limited amount of its enriched uranium in exchange for fuel for its research reactor, Ashton said.

"We had hoped to have a detailed and constructive discussion of those ideas," she said. "But it became clear that the Iranian side was not ready for this unless we agree to preconditions related to enrichment and sanctions.

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Garry said...

They are just wasting their time....