Friday, January 21, 2011

Texting while walking?

I'm sure you have all seen this dumbass by now!

If you can not stop and take the couple seconds it takes to text your Friend, while you are trying to walk through the Mall; you might be a Dumbass!

And then to sue over your own stupid ass Ignorance to boot; Your a low life Dumbass!

Falling into a mall pond that is bigger than your house while walking through the Mall and texting at the same time: all the while using your freind's credit card to rack up 5000 dollars of stuff that you could obviously not afford on your own dime !

Extremely Ignorant! It is called Karma Bitch, we would not have known your face if you would have not put your ugly mug on the News!

So how do you feel Now? How you going to feel when you are convicted of a felony and called a Convict !

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