Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Florida court strikes down Obama's healthcare reform law

So it is Unconstitutional, Obama says to bad!

Thumbing their noses at us Again.

The Times of India
WASHINGTON: A US court in Florida has struck down President Barack Obama's historic healthcare reforms, ruling that the requirement for individuals to purchase insurance is unconstitutional and is too central to making the law function.

The White House termed it as judicial activism.

Giving a major blow to the historic Health Care Reform Act which was signed by Obama last year, the US District Judge Roger Vinson in his judgement ruled that the so-called individual mandate exceeds congressional power.

The whole law cannot stand as the law depends on the mandate to work. "I must conclude that the individual mandate and the remaining provisions are all inextricably bound together in purpose and must stand or fall as a single unit," said Vinson, who on Monday became the second federal judge in two months to rule against the individual mandate.

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