Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mexico Angry at U.S. Official's 'Insurgency' Remark

Always playin the name game!
What else are you supposed to call the insurgency in Mexico?

Do the cartels go around terrorizing the citizens of Mexico?
Do the drug running douchebags live amongst the people they terrorize?
do they set off carbombs? Not many but the answer is still yes!
Do they cut off peoples heads?

Does Mexico look like a war zone half the time?

Its an insurgency Jackass what else would you call it ?

MEXICO CITY -- The Mexican government on Wednesday condemned comments by a top U.S. Defense Department official characterizing the drug gang violence here as a "form of insurgency" -- remarks the official later apologized for and retracted.

Mexico's Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa regretted that "outdated visions" on drug trafficking continue to be used and urged U.S. officials to refrain from commenting on issues they are not fully informed about.

We do not understand? WTF! You people are to Ignorant to understand what is happening in your own country! your people are being killed right and left and we don't understand!

"These unfortunate incidents should show that officials need to refrain from making statements, from giving opinions without having all the facts," Espinosa said.

Westphal made his initial remarks Monday at the Hinkley Institute of Politics Forum. In a statement Tuesday he said that in response to a question, he "mistakenly characterized the challenge posed by drug cartels to Mexico as 'a form of insurgency."'

"My comments were not and have never been the policy of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government toward Latin America," he added. "I regret that my inaccurate statements may have caused concerns for our partners and friends in the region, especially Mexico."

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