Saturday, February 26, 2011

Online call for protests in China prompts crackdown

Another attempt at rebellion tomorrow, and the opposition they sit in the lovely detention center; gonna miss the whole shindig as they are being "Re-calibrated" at the labor camp.

Same old thing, Little to no Internet, no standing around, get off the Streets you are not in control, don't look at us funny or we will beat you down.

The Los Angeles Times
An anonymous online campaign calling for pro-democracy demonstrations across China on Sunday has been met with the detention of human rights activists, greater Internet censorship and even veiled pressure on foreign journalists.

The strict response by authorities comes after a U.S.-based Chinese-language website,, called for repeated attempts each Sunday to launch a "jasmine revolution" in about two dozen cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.

The first planned attempt, which was held last Sunday, brought out a swarm of police and foreign media in some of the designated sites but provided no evidence the country was on the cusp of a popular uprising.

Still, with regimes toppling in North Africa and the Middle East, authorities in China deemed the threat strong enough to have interrogated, arrested and detained at home dozens of people suspected of fomenting the anti-government movement.

Human rights groups based outside China said Friday that police had charged five activists this week with "subversion of state power" and "inciting subversion of state power," serious crimes that carry potentially decade-long prison sentences.


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