Friday, February 11, 2011

South Sudan army clashes with renegade kill 105

As Egypt boils in its insanity, South Sudan is ready to pop.


WTF is up with all this Strife in Muslim Countries?

(Reuters) - Deadly clashes between south Sudan's army and a renegade commander have killed 105 fighters and civilians, the army said on Friday, as the war-scarred region moves toward independence.

The violence comes days after results of a referendum on secession confirmed south Sudan would declare independence in July, after decades of civil war which claimed 2 million lives.

The region's army said clashes at Fangak in Jonglei state on February 9 and 10 had killed 50 fighters from both sides and 39 civilians, adding to the 16 casualties it reported a day earlier from fighting in Door.

"It was George Athor's men who came with machine guns, AK 47s and started firing," said south Sudan's army spokesman Philip Aguer.

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