Sunday, February 6, 2011

U.S. Government Slips Through China Internet Censors With New Technology

Good one, But will anyone have the Gonads to implement it?

The U.S. government has figured out how to bust through Internet censorship filters in order to deliver news and other vital information via e-mail to people in countries like China, according to a recent report.

The official report from the Broadcasting Board of Governors detailed successful testing the agency conducted last year as it tried to slip data into inboxes in Hong Kong and China. The testing involved technology known as Feed Over e-mail, or FOE, to bypass traps the Chinese government has in place to screen out unwanted Internet content.

According to the report, first obtained and published by the nonprofit GovernmentAttic through a Freedom of Information Act request, the technology "performed well in all tests." BBG confirmed the report's authenticity to

Experts behind the testing said this information weapon probably could not have done much good in a situation like that unfolding in Egypt, where the government was flat-out blocking Internet access in response to the political unrest.

"If there's a blackout ... nothing works," BBG Director of Information Security Ken Berman said.

But the agency's testing demonstrated that, at least in China, it can be used effectively to transmit everything from RSS feeds to downloadable files to proxy web addresses which users can access to browse an uncensored version of the Internet.

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