Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fifteen girls wounded in Mardan attack

The Taliban Insurgency militant rejects of Pakistan lash out at schoolgirls once again.

They only do it so that women won't get educated and prove they are smarter than they are.

You gotta keep the Uppity women down!

PESHAWAR: Gunmen on motorbikes wounded 15 girls when they opened fire with pistols and lobbed grenades at a college party in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, police said.

Some of the victims were in a critical condition after the attack on the state-run girls-only institution in the town of Mardan, 40 kilometres northeast of Peshawar.

All the girls were aged 18 to 20, police said.

“Gunmen hurled two grenades and then opened fire with pistols. Fifteen girl students have been injured, some of them were in critical condition,” Khalid Nasim, a senior police officer in the town, told AFP.


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