Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UK parliamentary committee urges U.S.-Taliban talks

In fantasy land where everything is bright and shiny, I would maybe agree.
But in reality land where Muslims don't tell the truth, kill innocent people for any reason ( Or an Implied reason) where the Taliban throw grenades at schoolgirls and sometimes hold them down and pour acid on their faces, talking with these rejects just is not gonna fly!

You can't negotiate with Lying Murderous Savages.

(Reuters) - The United States must hold direct talks with the Taliban if it is to have any hope of ending the Afghan war, an influential British parliamentary committee said on Wednesday.

The Foreign Affairs Committee said the military campaign was not working and urged the British government to use its influence in Washington to convince it to engage fully in direct talks with Taliban leaders.

"An Afghan-led, but U.S. driven, process of political reconciliation is the best remaining hope that the UK and others have of achieving an honorable exit from Afghanistan," the report, based on interviews with experts and officials, said.

Britain and the United States have long stressed the need for a political settlement in Afghanistan. But officials have also said any talks must be Afghan-led, and insisted military pressure is helping bring insurgents to the negotiating table.


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