Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Afghan pilot 'kills six Nato soldiers at Kabul airport'

This is why we can not TRUST any of these Afghani Soldiers, even if they are not with the Taliban, they often sympathize with them, and beyond that you have to worry about Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

It may be past time to leave Afghanistan in the complete shambles it has always been, and let them stew in the wonderful terrorist filth

Six foreign troops have been killed after an Afghan air force pilot opened fire at Kabul airport during an argument, Nato has said.

The incident took place at a facility used by the Afghan air force at around 1100 local time (0630 GMT), the Afghan defence ministry said.

The pilot was also killed in the exchange.

The incident is the latest of a number of recent attacks on foreigners by Afghan security personnel.

"We can confirm there was small arms fire during this incident," said Nato-led International Security Assistance Force spokesman Maj Tim James.

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