Friday, April 22, 2011

We Don't Want Your Canadian Trash

This has been a big issue in Michigan for years, The Canadian trash haulers flood across the border to dump their trash for next to nothing.
Past political dealings(Money going into someones Pocket)has made this what it is.

Is it B.S. definitely, Can anything really be done about it, Probably; but at a cost to us Michigan Taxpayers I'm sure.

Maybe Canada Needs to Recycle!

Lady Liberty welcomes your tired, poor and huddled masses. She says nothing of soiled diapers, pizza boxes and Labatt Blue bottles.

Yet Michigan lawmakers are concerned Canada is treating their state as its personal waste heap, with dump trucks crossing the border from Ontario to take advantage of Michigan's bargain-rate landfills. In hopes of discouraging the trek, they're introducing legislation in Congress that would charge the Canadians exorbitant fees for bringing their garbage stateside...

But some might choose to blame Michigan for setting itself up as an international landfill destination. The state creates a financial incentive for Canadians to bring their trash across the border. Not only is the border fee just $5, it charges just 21 cents for every ton of trash. By contrast, Wisconsin charges $12.99 per ton.

Prices at Canada's landfills are much higher. They range from about $64 (U.S. dollars) per ton of commercial waste in Windsor to upwards of $100 per ton in Ottawa.

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