Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Abbas aide: Hamas doesn't have to recognize Israel

Oh the Irony of the News.
How does Jimaaaaay carter about this? He wants everyone to recognize the terrorists of Palestine as a legit government and state, yet Abbas says FU world we will not recognize Israel!

Yeah that is going to work Jimmy.
Did you talk to these guys about this Jimmy? Or did you just drop to your knees and service the whole bunch of em?

JERUSALEM (AP) — International mediators should drop their demand that the Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers recognize Israel, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday, just hours before his Western-backed government was to sign a reconciliation deal with Hamas.

The accord, to be inked in Cairo, would end a four-year rift between the bitter rivals and pave the way for a joint caretaker government ahead of national elections next year.

Israel has denounced the plan for Abbas' Fatah movement to join forces with Hamas because of the militant group's long history of deadly attacks against Israeli targets, and has equated the deal with a renunciation of peacemaking.

Like the United States and the European Union, Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization and says it will not negotiate with a future Palestinian government that includes the Iranian- and Syrian-backed group.

It's not clear whether Western powers would deal with the new government that is to emerge from the unity deal. They've said they are waiting to see its composition.

The Quartet of Mideast mediators — the U.S., the EU, the United Nations and Russia — has long demanded that Hamas renounce violence and recognize the principle of Israel's right to exist.

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