Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Ten dead' at protest over Nato raid

The pure Genius of Islam!
Protesters pissed of about a NATO raid where 4 Insurgent Taliban type guys were Killed, decided to raise some hell and go about smashing other peoples property, oh and killing people!

yes in Islam when you riot you must kill people, and when you are rioting because of people being killed you must kill at least twice the amount of original dead!

Yeah Islam!


At least 10 people have been killed in northern Afghanistan during a protest against an overnight raid by Nato and Afghan forces, hospital sources have told the BBC.

About 40 demonstrators were injured in the clashes in the city of Taloqan.

Security officials said some of the demonstrators were armed.

They were protesting against the raid in which four people - who Nato said were insurgents - were killed.

An official in the city said that the Afghan National Army and a rapid reaction force had been deployed in the city and the situation was now mostly under control.

The official said that some of the 2,000 demonstrators were armed and had destroyed public and private property. He said reinforcements had been called into Taloqan from neighbouring Kunduz province.

The violence appears to have begun when protesters angered over the night-time raid placed the bodies of those killed in the main square of Taloqan.

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